Church Dramas - "IT'S NOT TOO LATE" - a musical drama

IT'S NOT TOO LATE  is a Christian play based on the Columbine tragedy. It is the story of
decisions people make about God and the consequences of some of those decisions.  

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Church drama scripts: IT'S NOT TOO LATE - A christian play
Synopsis of play

“It’s Not Too Late” takes place one day at a high school.  Mr. Brooks is the custodian.  He collects trash.  Sometimes what he finds
in the trash reminds him of things that happened in school.  This day is no different.  What he finds tells both the happy and tragic
events of the day.  He recounts what happened.

Judy is a student in school.  She has a sour outlook on life.  She hates any discussion that includes mention of Jesus.  She is annoyed
by Lisa
, a committed Christian who enjoys sharing about her relationship with Jesus.

Katie is a new student at school.  She is awkward and a bit lost.  She's worried about fitting in and wants to make friends.  She also
wants to learn about how to deal with life in general - what works and what doesn't work for others.

Katie travels from class to class, the teachers address some of her questions.  In History, she learns that studying history can help
her master the world she lives in.   In Biology, she’s told that life originated as the result of a “cosmic accident.” And in Philosophy, she
listens as the class debates options for making moral decisions.

During the day,
Katie meets Jason, an arrogant, rebellious, angry student who has his own answer for life, "Follow your own path".  
Jason is an irritant to many of the students and is harassed by some.  He has rejected Jesus and hates those who believe in Him.  
Nevertheless, Katie is curious about Jason's independence and philosophy of life.

Katie also meets Lisa.  Lisa tells Katie about her relationship with Jesus.  Lisa is able to impress Katie with the truth about Jesus and
the answers the Bible gives for her questions.  Lisa also shares what made her decide to commit her life to Jesus.

Katie must choose which path to follow - Jason's or Lisa's.  Though curious about Jason, she ultimately decides the best way to live
is to commit her life to Jesus.

Mr. Brooks returns to the stage.
 It seems that the story will end here with a happy ending.  But Mr. Brooks reminds the audience that
real life is not like a story.
 Real life sometimes ends in tragedy.  Jason, acting upon his hatred for Jesus and for others kills several
students in the school library including Katie and Lisa.   He then kills himself.

Mr. Brooks finds the students in the library.  But he is no ordinary janitor.  In reality, He is Jesus.   He has been with Katie and the
other students all the time, guiding them, trying to keep them pointed in the right direction.  Mr. Brooks resurrects the dead students, all
except Jason, and takes them to spend Eternity with Him.

Left on an empty stage is Jason.  He awakens to find that he is alone.  He discovers too late that he made the wrong choice by
rejecting Jesus.   In sorrow, he sings, "It's too late for me".    He is then led off the stage by a stranger dressed in black.

Judy returns to the stage.  She is heartbroken about what has happened and how she treated Lisa.  Mr. Brooks finds her crying and
comforts her.  Judy wants to know if it is too late for her to make a different choice in life.  Mr. Brooks reassures her that it isn't.  He
then gives her Lisa's bible.

Mr. Brooks turns to the audience and reminds them that everyone has a choice to make about Jesus.  The choice they make will affect
their lives.  It will also affect the lives of others.  But most important, it will affect where they  spend Eternity.  He then says,

“It's too late for some to take a different path in life.  But it’s not too late for you.”

"What choice will you make?"
A Christian play based on the Columbine tragedy
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Christian plays
A Christian play based on the Columbine tragedy
Church drama scripts: IT'S NOT TOO LATE - A christian play
It's Not Too Late - a Christian play
Based on the Columbine Tragedy
 written by Dick Lentz
A Christian Play - a  Musical / Drama
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

Written by Dick Lentz

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