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It's Not Too Late - a Christian play
Based on the Columbine Tragedy
written by Dick Lentz
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This page lists some of the comments from those who have performed, seen, or read the play IT'S NOT
TOO LATE.  This play is a Christian musical / drama based on the Columbine tragedy. It is a story of
decisions people make about God and the consequences of some of those decisions. Although it was
written in response to the tragic shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on April 19,
1999, it's message is just as relevant and powerful today as it was back then: For some, it's too late to
make a different decision regarding God.  But for most - for you -
"It's Not Too Late".  

This play runs about 60 minutes and takes a cast of 11-12. It has about 20 minutes of original music but
can be performed as a drama (without music). More information can be found on
its homepage or on
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contact me directly as well. Scripts and music are are available for
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Comments from Others who have performed this play

From the director of a group that performed the play in Liberty, Missouri in July, 2019
It went wonderfully!! We had 2 performances: one July 5th and one July 6th with over 150 people in attendance! The cast enjoyed the
entire process and the production itself went smooth without any hiccups. We heard many compliments regarding how well it was written
and performed! The visitors and church members alike were deeply moved, many were moved to tears and there was an excellent
response of prayer at the altar for both services. It was truly an great experience for everyone involved.

This play was such a blessing for us and I know it will be for many others!

Thank you for allowing us to use the script for our production! You have been a blessing to many.

From a group that performed the play in Louisiana in April, 2018
The performance was a hit! We had 120 people in attendance. People laughed, cried, and overall were touched. God moved.

The youth had a blast with their 90's costumes and makeup. We changed Jason into a girl because our cast was mostly girls. We
changed her name to Jaycee. The girl who played Jaycee was not comfortable singing "It's Too Late for Me" and so we had the girl who
played Lisa come out and sing that song. We changed it to "It's Too Late for Her." The girl who played Judy then came out after the
show and sang "Everyman" by Casting Crowns as an invitation.

There was not a dry eye. It's a younger group of youth, but towards the end they really began to grasp what the play meant and the
Gospel message behind it.

Thank you for the work you put into the play. It was certainly a powerful play.

From a director who performed the play in Pennsylvania April, 2014
I just wanted you to know that the play was a complete success. Our church was packed (about almost 100 people) and we got a
standing ovation that lasted awhile. Everyone had nothing but good comments about the play, like "That was one of the most inspiring
plays I've ever seen!" and "This show had a beautiful message!" and so much more. They also said that this message should be heard
EVERYWHERE. All in all, it was such a big success. With that said, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us
the opportunity to put on your beautiful play. Once again, I would like to thank you for this opportunity It was life-changing. God bless.

From a director who performed the play in California, December, 2013
I first want to say that it was a privilege to incorporate your play into our Performing Arts curriculum this year.  The class consisted of 11
freshmen and 5 sophomores which is over 50% of our school population (26 students). The students were explained the actual incident
which was followed up with discussions on accountability and spiritual warfare.  Overall, the experience was an eye-opener for the
young class.  They pulled it off and did a great job.  We had an altar call each  night and a total of 12 people either re-dedicate their
lives to the Lord or who professed their need for salvation for the first time.  It was amazing and brought many people to tears.  Thank
you for allowing us to perform such a life-changing play.

From a pastor in Virginia, November, 2013:
Your play was truly a blessing and very well done ... I can only imagine the sorrow and pain that must of come from the shooting at
Columbine High School. However, your play allows us to stop and realize that our youth today face a life and culture that has never
existed before and that we need to be serious about their issues and troubles.  Thank you so very much for taking such a tragic
situation and using it to glorify God.  I pray that many will come to know Christ before it is too late.

Note following a performance in California, November, 2012
The play was excellent. The responses we got were all great with almost everyone out in the hall afterwards telling us what a great
show it was, actors' parents saying how grateful they were that their kids were in the play; everyone loved it. Even people who were of
other religions or not believers said they loved the show. During the play people were captured by what was on stage and many cried
at the end of the play.

Note from a director in Ohio, September, 2012
I am in charge of the Sunday School Department. We have written our own Easter and Christmas plays and performed them for the
past three years. However this year I pushed to do a different play. I had searched the web and found a lot of different plays, but
nothing reached out to me ... until I came across yours. I presented it to our classes and had two of the students to the exerpt on the
website. They voted unanimously for your play.

Thank you for your time and the awesome play you put together!

Posting on blog from cast member regarding her experience - date unknown

Together as a cast we learned what the real meaning of bravery is, we learned the importance of God’s perfect timing, and the power
of prayer. That opening night, it is almost unexplainable and putting down into words, especially my
I can honestly say that I would not be half the person I am today if not for the cast, the director, and the story line. While the audience
got God’s message and just how much a simple act of kindness can mean… it changed my heart as it was being presented each time.
It still changes me sometimes
. (link to actual blog)

From a group in Kentucky, February, 2012
We did the play this weekend and it was by far the best thing we've ever done. We had some that came both nights and others that
couldn't be there who have heard so many wonderful things about it that they want to know if we can do it again.  There was a little
laughter and a lot of tears from the cast and audience.  I am so glad we found this. Thanks for everything.

From a group in Beirut, Lebanon, January, 2011

We performed the play on New Year's Eve. There was about 100 attending.  It was a real blessing to our lives. And since part of the
audience was born again Christians, we added at the end the urge of not being ashamed of sharing the Gospel with our friends - just
like Lisa. We are redoing the performance in February and are using it as a reachout in our area.

From a director in Washington, July 2010

The play went GREAT! We had two performances at our church with about 100-150 people each night. Many lives were touched -
people in the cast as well as their families and the audience. We were invited to do the play again a couple weeks later. God
miraculously worked out everyone's schedule and we did it again.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful play with a clear Godly message.

From a director in North Carolina, April, 2009:

WOW!! The play went off without any problems.  We had around 100 people come see the play, which is very good for such a small
community.  FOUR people accepted Christ!! One was an older brother of one of our cast members.  It was, to say the least, a very
emotional night for her.

Thanks for writing this play and making it available to churches.

From a director in Maryland, March 2008:
In one word, phenomenal!!!.  Our church was completely packed out and it was blessed - people gave their hearts to Christ - it was
just amazing.  The Lord blessed you to evangelize His word and message of choices and salvation through this production and this
offering is still bearing fruit.  Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in a mighty way.  This was an awesome tool to present the
message in an innovative, relevant way according to our culture and our changing times.  

From a director in Washington, July 2007:
The performances were great. Everyone else said it was just outstanding and they loved how it was written. The Lord has just blessed
me tremendously through this and i thank you for sharing this play with me and for the opportunity to use it. When i told people that it
was based on the Columbine tragedy they raised their eyebrows and wondered how that was gonna be pulled off onstage, but i just
love the ending and how it's layed out - how we just go and lay down, that's so powerful. and Jason's last song "it's too late for me" i
cried everytime he sang that. Thanks again.

From a director in New York, June 2007
The play went very well. There was an auditorium full of people. There were many great comments about it. And I know there were
seeds planted. One youth said he and his mother went home and got the Bible out and looked up some scripture. Another youth said
he went home and called his grandmother and said he wanted to go to church with her on Sunday.

From a director in Illinois, February, 2007
Things went extremely well.  The cast did a tremendous job.  The payoff really came in  when 23 people between the two nights
dedicated their lives to Christ.  One of the cast members was able to see how important this message was when her older sister made a
decision.  It was a great weekend for us.  Thank you for your support and for writing this.  It is truly changing lives.

From a director in California, December, 2006
The play was outstanding!!!! We had a very good crowd and 3 souls accepted Christ as their savior that night.  The kids where so
excited. We had 9 teenagers perform the play. They doubled up on a couple of parts. One young boy just started attending church. His
life in the public school system from day one has been terrible for him. Since coming to church and being at the practices, he gave his
life to God and has starting praying for his enemies at school. He is very excited about having real friends in church. All the adults in
church thought the play was awesome.  Everything went great and it was a blessing to work with the kids.  I always try to look for a play
that will really make an impact, not just entertain.  I think I found that in your play.

From a director in Maine, August 2006
We had about 90 people at the performance this time.  There were several non-Christians there so we are praying that the Lord will
bless the efforts and will help to grow the seeds that were planted!  Thank you so very much!  I'm terribly sad that this is it for us as I've
grown especially fond of this script!  Your writing was brilliant!

From a director in Maine, April 2006
My students loved the play.   We are really praying that many non-saved individuals will hear and want to receive the god news offered
to us all by Jesus Christ.  Thanks for offering and authoring such a powerful and amazing tool to minister to the unsaved.

From a director in Arkansas, October, 2005
Just thought I'd give you an update on the play.  It was WONDERFUL!!  We had about 120 people come, which we were VERY thankful
for.  I do know there were some seeds planted.  The adults from our Church and our pastor have said nothing but WONDERFUL things
about it.  Our pastor said Sunday morning that the only thing he wished had been different was that we were able to broadcast the
story around the world - that it was a powerful message - and how God had really used our young people to make an impact on lives.

From a director in Tennessee, March, 2005
I just wanted to let you know that we performed the play "It's Not to Late" this morning for our Youth Easter program.  Our youth have
exploded over the last year.  When asked about their desires for Easter, they requested a full length drama.  After reading many
different scripts, I just kept coming back to yours.  And needless to say, It was amazing!  We had many people say that is the best thing
they had ever seen our youth do, and we plan on traveling through out the summer performing it at backyard Bible Clubs and block
parties.  Thank you so much for allowing our small group to take part in such a wonderful production.  It has changed our lives forever,
and hope through it God may change many others as well!

From a director in Texas, August, 2004
I would like to thank you for writing this play.  It is well written and inspiring.  When I was first looking for a play for our drama group, I
searched the Internet for at least a week.  Your play was the only one that stood out to me as "hitting 'em hard."  Another great thing
was that I didn't have to do all the organization involved.  You already had done some of that.  Once I started directing this play,  I
started seeing things come to life.  My goal in life is to use drama as a witness for Christ and your play did that.  Thank you for making
that possible.
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A Christian Play - a  Musical / Drama
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

Written by Dick Lentz

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