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About the Play
It's Not Too Late - a Christian play
Based on by the Columbine Tragedy
written by Dick Lentz
A Story Of Decisions People Make About God
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

Few of us will forget the shootings that occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on April 20,
1999. We're troubled by what happened there that day.  But we also want to know why it happened.  What caused
these two individuals to take such extreme measures to express what they were feeling inside?

I was moved to view this tragedy from a spiritual standpoint.  A person's relationship with God affects their
outlook on life as well as their ability to cope with it.

It's Not Too Late is a Christian play, a musical / drama based on the Columbine tragedy. It is a story of
decisions people make about God and the consequences of some of those decisions.  It takes place during a typical
day in a high school.  It tells the story of Katie Smith, a new student in school, as she struggles to fit it, to make a
friend or two, and learn a few things about life in the process.

Katie makes friends with Lisa Caldwell, a compassionate, committed Christian.  Lisa tells Katie about the
importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus.  But Katie also meets Jason Holmes, a rebellious, arrogant,
angry young man who hates God and those who believe in Him.

The play ends in tragedy.  Jason acts on his anger and kills several students including Katie and Lisa.  But the focus
of the play is not on the tragedy.  It is on the decisions people make about God and the consequences of some of
those decisions.
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Getting a Copy of This Play

If you would like to have a copy of this script, I can e-mail a copy to you as an attachment. It comes as a
PDF and runs about 80 pages.
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budgets.  I'm flexible on costs, so if that is an issue, let me know.

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Some Facts About This Play Play

The most important decision we make in life is the one we make about God.  The path we choose to take,
especially the choice we make about God, has enormous consequences for our lives and for the lives of

The Bible says that
"Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement, so Christ
was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people;  and he will appear a second time, not to
bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him."
 (Hebrews 9:27,28, NIV).

This Christian scripts message is powerful. It's too late for some to take a different path in life.  But
it's not
too late
for you.

This Christian play was originally performed by members of the Niwot High School Bible Club (Niwot,
Colorado) and students from Longmont Christian School (Longmont, Colorado).There were 6 performances
from April 9, 2000 through May 13, 2000.  Over 500 people saw the drama.  Many were moved to
re-evaluate their own relationship with God as well as the urgent need to share with others the truth about
Jesus and His love for us.

Since then, over 250 groups in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Romania, Denmark, the Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Germany, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,
Australia, Zambia, Dubai, and other countries have performed the play.  It has been translated or performed
in numerous foreign languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Danish, Arabic, French, Africanese, and
Spanish.  It's estimated that over 500,000 people have seen the play so far worldwide during over 500
performances including a dozen times at juvenile detention centers in Colorado.  Many have reported the
moving and powerful affect the play has had on audience and cast members.   Some of their comments can
be found on
this scripts comments page.  A list of current and past performances can be found on the plays
erformance history  page.  You'll also find some links on a page that lists web pages for other christian
lalys, scripts,  and dramas.

This play is about 60 minutes long and takes a cast of 11-12.  It has 20 minutes of music (all original).  All
music is either soloist or instrumental, although there are some optional  group or choir songs in the music
book.  Some parts can be shared to accommodate larger casts.   Some groups have performed it as a drama
by dropping the music.  Others have enhanced the play by adding additional choral numbers.
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About the Author (Dick Lentz)

I am a graduate of Simpson Bible College with a degree in Biblical Literature and Communications. I have
taught adult Bible studies for over 45 years and am currently teaching an adult class at Calvary Church in
Longmont, Colorado.

I have considerable acting experience including roles in about a dozen theatrical productions and small (but
fun) parts in movies such as "Return of the Jedi", "Eye for and Eye," and "Rocky II".  I am also a member of
the Screen Actor's Guild.  My acting resume can be viewed at this link:
Acting Link. I am also listed on the
IMDB website at this link:
IMDB Link.

In my spare time, I write adult Sunday School studies for David C. Cook.  I have also written for Gospel Light,
Scripture Press, Here's Life America, and other Christian publishers.  And I occasionally write newspaper
editorials that give biblical perspectives on secular issues.  
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A Christian Play - a  Musical / Drama
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

Written by Dick Lentz

7918 Fairfax Ct
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