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It's Not Too Late - a Christian play
Based on the Columbine Tragedy
written by Dick Lentz
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It's Not Too Late is a Christian play, a musical-drama, written in response to the tragic deaths that
occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in 1999. Since then, hundreds have died in
similar "active-shooter" incidents. Although this play is unable to answer why these types of incidents
occur, it does depict in a dramatic fashion the consequences of decisions people make about God
and how some of these can lead to tragedy.

This play has been performed worldwide by over 250 drama groups and has been translated into
several different languages. It runs about 60 minutes and takes a cast of 11-12. Scripts and music are
available for purchase from the
ordering page of this site.

If you want more information about
It's Not Too Late, check out this plays home page, cruise the
scripts and music page,  or click on one of the links to the left.  You can also contact me if you want
more information.

This page lists other Christian drama resources on the Web. It includes places where you can find
more Christian plays, Christian scripts, Christian musicals and dramas, youth drama scripts, or other
evangelistic plays.
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Sources For Other Christian Plays, Scripts, Musicals, and Dramas

This section lists places where you can find information on on other Christian plays, dramas, or scripts:

Allen House Productions Website of Dennis and Nan Allen - church music and drama resources for all age groups    

Anastasis Productions  A site with about 25 downloadable Christian skits and plays and other information.   

Best of the Web A listing of other Christian plays and drama sites               

Christian Plays Net A selection of Christian plays for theaters, schools, and churches

Christians Unite A listing of other Christian drama sites

Dramatix Christian Plays  A collection of over 800 christian plays -  most can be downloaded for free                           

Dramashare Drama Resources Christian plays - e-mail discussion group on christian drama.   

Dramatic Difference Publications A mix of Christian drama and music resources                                   

Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals  publishes a variety of full-length plays, musicals, dramas, and one act plays

Find Christian Links A list of Christian plays, Christian drama resources, and other Christian links

Fools for Christ  offers royalty free Christian skits, monologues, audience interactive mysteries and full length scripts.

Fools4Christ Christian dramas A Christian drama and performing arts resource site.

Lillenas - Christian Drama Resources  church music, drama, and worship resources    

Scripts by Warren - A Christian drama site with over 175 Christian scripts.

The Heart of a Playwright  A good collection of Christian plays of all types written by Cleveland McLeish.
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Other Sites of Interest

The sites below are of general interest and have some additional drama ministry information or links.

Cross Daily A Christian portal to the internet.  Many services and links.                                 

Youth Pastor  A ministry source for youth ministry include some drama resources and scripts
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Minsky Ministries -  Christian plays and Christian Drama Scripts
A Christian Play - a  Musical / Drama
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

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