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Character List
The following is a list of characters for the Christian play It's Not Too Late, a Christian musical /
drama based on the Columbine tragedy. This play is a story of decisions people make about God
and the consequences of some of those decisions.  It runs about 60 minutes and has about 20
minutes of music (all original ).  The music is primarily solos (4 of them), with some interlude music,
and no choral numbers.  Although written for a small cast, larger casts can be accommodated by
splitting up some roles or inserting additional non-speaking parts.  Additional music can be added
to accommodate larger singing groups.  Or the music can be dropped entirely and the play can be
performed as a drama.

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A Christian Play Based on the Columbine tragedy - borderline #2
Characters (5 male - 6 female)

Mr. Brooks:  The custodian of the school and narrator of the story.  Not young, but not old.   Friendly, kind, and  wise.  
He  loves the students and  watches over them. He also tries to keep them pointed in the right direction.  At the end of
the play,  he reveals that he is Jesus.

Lisa Caldwell.  A student and a committed Christian.   She is confident and not afraid to share what she believes about
God.   She is  polite and a good listener. She is bold but not arrogant.  She also has a good sense of humor and is well
liked by the other students.  But she occasionally  goes too far  when sharing her faith
and ends up stepping on some people's toes.

Judy Jones:    A student.  Doesn't dislike Lisa but is annoyed by Lisa's religious views.  As a consequence, she is
uncomfortable around Lisa.  Has a sour and somewhat cynical  outlook on life.  Uses lots of sarcasm. In the end, she
realizes her need to take seriously the things of God.

Katie  Smith:  A new student in school. She's awkward and a little bit lost.  She wants to make friends, but doesn't know
quite how to fit in.  Also wants to know how to deal with life's questions. She is searching for answers and genuinely wants
to hear what others have to say.  She is drawn to the independent nature of Jason
but attracted to Lisa's sincerity at the same time.  

Jason Holmes:  A student. Independent, rebellious, and arrogant.  A loner loaded with anger.  He has rejected God.  
The path he now follows in life is "his own". He has little tolerance for other points of view, especially from those who
believe in God.  He has an intense dislike for Mr. Brooks and Lisa Caldwell.   

Ms. Hickock:  The history teacher.  She's the substitute for the day and leads a lively discussion on the importance of
history.  She has a sense of humor, but keeps the students on track in spite of some of their antics.    

Mr. Fisk: The science teacher.  His name sounds like 'fish',  and he looks like one. He wears thick glasses that are taped
on one side - the epitome of an adult nerd.  He wears a suit, but it looks like he slept in it.  He speaks in a very monotone,
boring voice.  But he's totally convinced about what he teaches and is able to draw others into his world in spite of his
appearance and mannerisms.  He doesn't like being interrupted in class even though he lets students present their point
of view.

Ms. Beckett:   The philosophy teacher. She is a compassionate and sympathetic teacher.  She is sincere in her desire
to facilitate learning and promote genuine discussion.   She's the type of teacher students would be prone to talk to
outside of class.  Able to communicate as well as listen.  However, she will not avoid scolding those who get out of line.

Crystal:  A little ditzy, but fun to be around.  Likes everyone.  Friend of Judy's.

Matthew: Friend of Mark's.  Along with Mark, he harasses Jason.  Near the end of the play, he hears Lisa's testimony
about her relationship with God and the need to make a commitment to Him.

Mark:    Likes to give others a hard time.  Likes to harass Jason. Could be the stranger dressed in black at the end of
the play.
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A Christian Play Based on the Columbine tragedy - borderline #2
It's Not Too Late - a Christian play
Based on the Columbine Tragedy
written by Dick Lentz
A Christian Play - a  Musical / Drama
Based on the Columbine Tragedy

Written by Dick Lentz

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